Want It Today—Put It on Layaway

What is a Layaway? A Layaway is merchandise put on hold for a customer, which is secured by a small deposit until the price is paid in full. Pay no interest, everyone approved, and take up to 5 months to pay. Buy what you want at Greenbacks Pawnshop without going into debt.

Eligible Items: Everything in the store*

Eligibility for Layaway

Everyone is Approved: Must be at least 18 years old of age or older, or have a guarantor over the age of 18 to sign for the Layaway. Government-issued photo ID is required for all Layaways.

Is there a minimum purchase amount to be eligible for Layaway?

No minimum purchase amount is required for layaway

Can I have multiple Layaway accounts?


Are there Service or set-up Fees?

There are no service or setup fees for layaways

What down payment is required?

Only 20% of total purchase price (including HST)

What length of time is Layaway available for?

Up to 5 months

When are the payments due?

A minimum 20% payment is due every month until Layaway is paid in full.
Multiple ways to pay: Debit, Credit, Cash, or Greenbacks Pawnshop Gift Card
GET YOUR LAYAWAY SOONER: Additional payments can be made at anytime—daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

When can I pick up my layaway?

After your last payment, it’s yours to take home. The pickup must be made by the Layaway customer on the signed contract.

Can I cancel my layaway?

Yes. You can cancel your layaway at anytime.

Layaway Return Policy: All Layaway items are sold with Greenbacks’ 30-Day Warranty. Warranty will be applied after final payment, and only applies to defective items.

*Layaways do not apply to sale items. Full purchase price applies. Some items may exceed our storage capacity, which will result in a layaway being turned down. All jewellery sizing or modification fees apply. Jewellery will not be modified or resized until final payment is made. (Customers are welcome to call 2 weeks before final payment to ensure modifications are complete for final payment date (pick-up))